Nowhere, Texas
"You don't really want to go there."

Coming Soon! (novel and screenplay in progress)
© 2012 Gene Cartwright

Nowhere, Texas

Chapter One
Mid-morning, three miles from Nowhere, Texas

Howdy, stranger. Fill‘er up? Don’t got no regular, just premium left. Where you headed?”
    “Premium’s all I use. Can’t believe this seventy-five cent gas. Ah, I’m headed to that little town up the road—Nowhere, the sign way back read. The minute I saw that, I knew I had to check it out. Then I’m on to San Antonio.”
    “San Antone? Now, how the hell you end up out here, this close to Nowhere, tryin’ to get to San Antone? You come off I-10 just after the 10-20 split outta Van Horn?”
    “Well, I reckon Kerville would be your next city of any real size, a few ‘hunderd’ mile away. How you end up way out here in the middle a Nowhere, if you don’t mind?...