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Gene Cartwright, a native of Texas, was born in Baytown, a small, Gulf Coast town 20 miles east of Houston. He often says it was his great fortune to be born at the right address— the home of Elmer and Marie Cartwright—his parents. Gene is the eldest son and second of eight children. He insists his love of writing and learning was sparked by his mother, who taught him to read when he was barely four.

Gene was fascinated, captured by the freedom reading afforded. What was more, he read and was inspired to put his own words to paper. He has always enjoyed both technical and literary pursuits. He wrote his first novel at 12. (90 pages longhand.) Also, at age 12, he was working with a local electrician actually wiring new homes and retrofitting older homes. Gene graduated high school and headed immediately to college Prairie View A&M.).

Four years later, and for almost 8 years thereafter, during what he now refers to as another life, Gene was an electrical engineer, designing lighting and power distribution systems. He next founded and owned a very successful consumer electronics company in Houston, Texas.

A few years later, he saddled up and headed west. While he doesn't mind talking about working as an environmental engineer with the Air Quality Management District in California, he doesn¹t reveal much about his debut at the Improv as a guitarist and singer.

Throughout his engineering pursuits and business activities, Gene continued to write and dream of being a published and a fulltime author. In 1996, that dream was realized. Gene has written 5 novels ( three published) and several screenplays. For two years, his book tour for 'I Never Played Catch With My Father,' took him from coast to coast:

He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Oprah, NPR stations and countless tv morning shows, news and sports shows. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Gene was the featured author in Ebony Magazine in the November '97 issue.

Ms. Cicely Tyson:
Gene is still awed by the call he received, a two years ago, from famed actress, Emmy-Award Winner, Academy Award nominee, NAACP Springarn Winner, Ms. Cicely Tyson. Ms. Tyson had read Gene's 'A Family Gathering,' and was determined to reach out and speak with him. They spoke by phone for two hours, discussing the epic novel, and the role Ms Tyson made clear she was "laying claim" to.

Not long thereafter, Gene had an opportunity to meet Ms. Tyson on the set of a movie she was filming. Their continued friendship is one Gene treasures. He looks forward to the day 'A Family Gathering,' —the movie, is a reality, and the role Ms. Tyson "claimed," is a reality.

Finally, Gene's greatest childhood thrill was his very first little league baseball game. And his pet peeve? Something he labels sacrilegious: the use of the aluminum baseball bats.



  • Gene has recently completed a book of poetry, "Still Dreaming," and "Quietkill. Both are eBooks but will soon be released as softcover books. has written a half dozen screenplays.
  • Presently, three new novels—"The God Wars," "Twelfth Night of The August Moon," A Touch of Red," and a new screenplay, "Alone Again," is in process. A non-Fiction book, "Crazy For Love," is also in progress.

Other Projects:

Gene is the founder/creator/designer of (huge web presence); BooksForFilm, and iFOGO Village (social

ESPN: "The Pony Express" - "The Vow" -Black Sports History Uncovered , After 50 Years.
In 1965, against impossible odds, all-black Durham, North Carolina's Hillside High's basketball team fought bigotry and poverty, to become State Champions, fulfilling a vow five members made as freshmen. Their records still stand. - A true story.

Gene's Falcon Creek Books Publishing Company published Daniel McLaurin III's "32 Minutes of Greatness." The book and film proposal details the historic accomplishments of the Durham, N.C.'s Hiilside High School Championship Hornets Basketball Team of 1965-1966. See Press Release and Treatment. See YouTube Video here.


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