“Zombies Rule” | The Supernatural Meets The Super-Evil

Fire Night

Fire Night
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Fire Night - "Zombies Rule"
Fire Night - "Zombies Rule"

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178 p. Softcover
1470196263 / 9781470196264

Falcon Creek Publishing Co.

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Fire Night
“Zombies Rule”

by Gene Cartwright


The "Supernatural" meets the "Super Evil" in this coming-of-age story thanks to two, young, adventuresome brothers in 2007 New England. Ignoring their parents' warnings, Joshua and younger brother, Caleb Wellesley venture deep into Devil's Woods. They soon regret doing so, when they confront ghoulish zombies, and awaken a frightening, supernatural history never fully told.

The boys spark shocking events connected to the 300 year-old deaths of a single family in 1707. Even the family's twin Dobermans: "Sampson" and "Prowler" are violently affected by disturbing events that ensue.

Making matters worse, the Wellesley family is confronted by angry citizens of economically-depressed Colfield, Massachusetts—citizens determined to force sale of the Wellesley property to an Electronics Conglomerate—and at any cost. In a word: they are treated as "outcasts." With this horrifying yet plausible “David” vs. “Goliath,” story, Gene Cartwright ventures deep into Stephen King’s domain, with a story that will grip lovers of all genres.

1470196263 / 9781470196264 Page Count: 178

Binding Type:
US Trade Paper Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Language: English Color: Black and White

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Fiction / Horror