Still Dreaming

Still Dreaming
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Still Dreaming
Still Dreaming
Visual Poetry
size: 11” x 8”
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Still Dreaming
Authored by Gene Cartwright

Still Dreaming -
"After All These Years"

A book of "Visual Poetry" in Full Color.
Pulitzer Nominated fiction author, and former Oprah guest Gene Cartwright is such a poet at heart, he places a poem at beginning of all his novels. This collection of stimulating, thought-provoking poetry stirs the imagination, heart, and soul.

From Readers:
“As a devoted fan, I had the chance to read the manuscript of ‘Still Dreaming’, and was left wishing everyone could share this amazing poetry, and all this writer’s wonderful works. You must also see the beautiful images of the softcover.”

—Jane Austen Dickey, South Carolina

“The imagery, the mastery of the language, and the range of emotions this book stirs could only come from a gifted writer with great heart and rich soul.”

— Ella Turner, Los Angeles, CA.

“I was hooked when I read ‘My Mother’s Voice’ in Gene’s novel, ‘Half Moon, Full Heart.’ He places a poem in every novel. Then, each poem I read afterwards became my favorite. Now, I simply love whatever he writes.”

—Martha Cambridge Tolleson, London, England

ISBN/EAN13: Language: English