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    I Never Played Catch With My Father


    I Never Played Catch With My Father’ | About family, memories, life-lessons and moments that can never be relived.” - Click image for details
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    A Family Gathering

    Where Was God?

    On a sweltering May 15, 1974, the twelve year-old daughter of a rural baptist preacher walked home from school. Before she arrive home, her first life ended.
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    Half Moon, Full Heart

    A Real Love Story

    And they danced. Two young 1950s lovers make a vow, and battle tremendous odds to be together forever.
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    Fire Night

    Zombies Rule

    300 years of history comes to life, when the "Supernatural" meets the "Super Evil" in this coming-of-age story thanks to two, young, adventuresome brothers in 2007 New England.
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    The Promise Road

    If it Takes Forever...

    The Promise Road. Spanning lives separated by life, death, time, and space but connected by circumstance, this is a love story, the way love stories were once told.
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    Dying for Love

    Would You?

    "What you won't do for love?" What else explains the insatiable desire that makes one risk life, fame, power, wealth, social standing to bask in the afterglow of "joygasm" at any cost?
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    The Drammen Code

    The Final War

    A failed mission in Europe; a cover-up; a scapegoat; a traitor protected; millions in payoffs; warnings unheeded; a Russian Nobel scientists murdered at JFK…
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    The Widowmaker

    Heat of The Night

    John Roméo, a jet-setting, former LAPD homicide wiz with an international reputation, rescues a baffled LAPD struggling with unsolved,murders.
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    The Conversation


    A beloved grandmother's conversation with her 4 year-old granddaughter on an early summer morning.
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    Still Dreaming

    Visual Poetry

    A book of visual poetry—stunning full-color related images with poetry that stirs the imagination and spurs the spirit.
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    The God Wars

    Highway to Heaven or Road to Perdition?

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    The Search for Stephen Kane

    Deviant Imposter





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